Create your own full Grand Tournament with 2 Lancelot 4000s, 2 different riders, 1 basic plain wooden folding tilt yard & 2 card tournament tents.This table top set will make you a saving of over £6 compared with purchasing the individual components & is a great way to get started.


TOURNAMENT MAIDEN - This ‘Joan of Arc’ character intends to clear the field single handed – Medieval girl power at its best!


TOURNAMENT KNIGHT - He is the king’s champion, but for how much longer? Black knight, red knight, green knight – my lord & ladies, you decorate as you wish!


HOW IT WORKS: Simply add your coat of arms to the side of your Lancelot 4000 then sit your rider in the saddle. Next add the adjustable clamps (included) to either end of a table & allow the horse to race between them! With the rider’s lance resting on the handlebars, tilt the tail of the Lancelot 4000 to raise or lower the lance & therefore aim!


YOU WILL NEED: an odd clothes sock with coins to provide the pulling power for your horse (carrots don’t work for this one). NO GLUE REQUIRED. Oh, one last thing, should you break your lance on your opponent’s shield, spare lances are available to buy (sold separately).

Grand Tournament Set

  • laser cut toys may have a residual odour which, if present, will fade after a short period of time - but you’ll probably not even notice this over the smell of your medieval rider, soap had not been invented back then.