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FORMULA 8 Bubble Juice.


This latest nitro fuel replaces all previous formulas and works with all TTE (Theseus Thread Encapsulators). This high concentrated formula will allow you to travel further back in time in years/fluid ounce than all previous versions, allowing you to travel more discretely with less baggage. This formula will be available to purchase at all good authorised Timetravel Pit Stops.


As with all previous fuels, you must ensure that you have enough fuel to return. For that very purpose, FORMULA 8 like all previous Bubble Juice formulas is sold in cylinder pairs.


Each cylinder (270x 70mm dia) has enough fuel for a single 5,000 year jump.



FORMULA 8 Bubble Juice

  • This item is currently banned and is listed under 'Product Recall Issue No. 207134'.  Investigations are currently underway to ascertain whether this product is linked with reported cases of missing time travellers. You are by law entrusted to return all circulating stock of 'FORMULA 8', also sold under the product names: 'BUBBLE JUICE', 'BUBBLE JUICE NITRO' immediately. 

    TTEA - Time Travel Enforcement Agency

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