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Prof.Walter Pickles, inventor of TimeBubble Juice TM ,The Theseus Thread Encapsulator TM & The Bubble Expeller TM range.

 ‘If you know your Greek myths, you’ll recall that after Theseus  supposedly defeated the Minotaur, he escaped the complex labyrinth following a trail of wool he had left behind. Our present day, this exact moment in time, is the final result of a complex labyrinth of infinite events, possibilities and outcomes. If we wish as time travellers to return to the present day we know, we must follow a minute woven ‘event and time thread’. As long as we continue to use Theseus Thread Encapsulators, time travellers pose no risk to the time and space continuum’.

Professor Walter Pickles.

My Question to the Professor...

‘When visiting a period in history, why can we sometimes interact with those around us and at other times we cannot be seen and are, as you put it, a ‘GHOST’- merely General Historical Observers In Space and Time?

Margaret Winterbottom

Dear Winterbottom, thank you for your most perceptive question. As with all things relating to TIME, it is a highly complex matter, however, I shall do my best! It comes down the phantasmagorical ‘Timebubble’ created by the Theseus Thread Encapsulator (TTE) within each Time Machine. This Bubble offers reassurance to the time traveller as it allows them to experience something of the period in history they have returned to, without the fear of disturbing the Space Time Continuum, ie. threatening their own or other’s existence in the future. You may recall this was outlined by the TTEA in Issue 1 of the TB Chronicle. The dimensions of the ‘Timebubble’ depend entirely upon the model & quality of the T.T.E. fitted, but for the standard 620 model this extends to around 1 mile radius from the given machine. It is at the edge of this radius that the traveller will experience a feeling of being misheard or even un-noticed as they begin to take a more ethereal form, ie. more a ‘presence’ to those around than a physical body. Beyond the safety of the ‘Bubble’, a traveller will be devoid of the ability to speak and interact. In short they are in danger of being lost to Time, that is, they are merely a G.H.O.S.T.     To tackle this problem, the TT Industry have devised the ‘Mumbler’. A device not unlike a wifi range booster. Travellers often disguise this on their person in something they are carrying such as an umbrella, walking stick, ‘Sonic Screwdriver!’ Again, the more you spend on such a device the greater the range!W.P.

My Question to the Professor...

‘Could the bubbles in Guinness be the answer to travelling forward in time?

Dan Bertlitz

Dear Bertlitz, thank you for your question. For clarity to our readers, you are quite correct in linking bubbles with the passage of time. Bubbles in liquids are created through the addition of pressurize gas, such as Co2 which is a relatively stable gas that dissolves more readily in water to create carbonated drinks, such as Diet Coke. Guinness instead is pressurised with 29mol% Co2 and 71mol% nitrogen. Over time bubble concentration builds as bubble nucleation gets underway and the surger is engaged. The bubbles accelerate as equilibrium is re-established (Henry’s law) due to the pressurized container being opened to the atmosphere. Formula 8 uses surfactant coatings and fine hollow fibres (excellent for trapping gas) to create enhanced nucleation sites within the Bubble-Liquid. We measure time in seconds whereas the Theseus Thread Encapsulator measures time in bubbles. This has been the misconception clouding our understanding of time travel, until now...we have simply been using the wrong form of measurement.  The more bubbles the further back in time it is able to calculate and so the need for more bubble nucleation. Formula 8 allows us to go back further than we’ve ever been before.  As for your question Bertlitz, I am assuming you are referring to the fact that bubbles rise in carbonated drinks but sink in Guinness. Research is well underway to understand the effect of reversing the direction of bubbles through a TTE engine, but as yet there has been no breakthrough. The question is should we? Now that the cat is out the bag...can we reverse human nature? W.P.

Thanks! Walter will get back to you shortly.

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