we built the 





now we run

our own

online +

pop-up shop

this gives us all the 


we need to

design + build

our toys

Not everyone has a time machine. Appreciating that, we would like to use ours to help you to get closer to the past… our amazing past. All the design team at Timebubble Toys are what you’d say ‘creative people’ which is why, thinking out of the box, most of our toys are sold in clear header topped bags. We want our toys and gifts to stand out, for customers to see all the parts that are waiting to be assembled, whilst at the same time each providing an opportunity for that personal touch at the end.


TIME … to get creative and to get closer to our past!

Not Just an Online Shop


True, we are largely an Online Shop but equally cannot

resist popping up in our Timebubble Machine at

different points in the year. We love to gauge public

response, allow other would-be Time Travellers to sit in

the cockpit of our interactive machine, whilst we

encourage customers to PLAY, and also BUILD their kits

(if they choose) inside the shop! Alternatively customers

can just buy their kits and run.

Our favourite haunt is in the beautiful historical town

of Framlingham in Suffolk


In the Carousel Shop: 

30 Bridge Street,

Framlingham. Suffolk. IP13 9AH


A Challenge to be sure!

Our aim is to entice customers to buy a wooden gift, game or toy as opposed to a plastic one...we know that wooden toys will begin to degrade after only 15 years, instead of hundreds of years with plastic. 

We realise to achieve this we need to give customers a fresh perspective of what a wooden toy can be. We have found the Timebubble Machine is playing a valuable part it this! 

Toy by toy, we will venture on...

We are proud that nearly 80% of our toys & packaging are from sustainable materials.

The small amount of (recyclable) thermoplastic we continue to use in some toys...is there to add flexibility & strength in keys areas. We feel this creates the perfect combination!

Flying the Flag for D&T


Where would we all be without Design & Technology? It is where the majority of children first experience what it is like to design and build something from scratch. Us Brits should be very proud of our creative heritage and we at Timebubble Toys proudly fly the flag for this subject that will continue to give us the 'creative thinkers' of tomorrow. After all, we will need them to help us find solutions to the global problems we all face.


Our kits are made from sustainable wood and joined using standard components. We work hard to ensure that kits range in skill level, can all be customised, inspire and if necessary...repaired.   

For over 17 years staff from Timebubble Toys have worked with primary and secondary aged children working on a wide range of themes. We even have a Silver Pearson Teaching Award under our belt! See our D&T in Schools page for more details on what we offer.