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WE MAKE TO ORDER and are poised to build & print!



ROYAL MAIL DELIVERY...without the use of Time Travel.

Due to the current ban on all time travel devices by the TTEA (Time Travel Enforcement Agency), we will retrogress to  using Royal Mail, founded by Henry VIII in 1516AD. Unless indicated otherwise, please allow up to 3-8 business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays) for the delivery of your order. You will receive an email notifying you of dispatch.


These are not included in the order. Our shipping charges are as follows:


£3.99 for orders up to £40

£7 for orders £40+ to £65

FREE DELIVERY on orders £65+ 

Apologies, but we only make deliveries to addresses in the United Kingdom (not the Channel Islands or Gibraltar).


We will inform you as quickly as possible if a product is not available or cannot be delivered on time. If the product will not be available in the foreseeable future, we reserve the right not to accept your order.



We make every possible effort to deliver products within the estimated timescales as indicated in your virtual shopping bag and order review. However, delays can sometimes occur due to unforeseen events beyond our control.• If your order is delayed, you will be informed of this as quickly as possible. You agree to let us deliver within an additional period of time appropriate to the circumstances. If we fail to deliver the products within that additional period of time, you are entitled to cancel your order and terminate the contract and your orders. In such cases you will, of course, receive a refund for the products that you have paid for. If you want to cancel your orders, please contact us immediately.


If you purchase toys, gifts or games from the touring Time Machine Booth there is clearly no delivery charge! See our social media pages for news of Events where the Time Machine Pop-up Shop will be on particular dates.


At present the listed prices do not include VAT as Timebubble Toys is a company of relatively small size. We feel this directly benefits our customers.

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