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Continue to follow the adventure from...'Castle Cove's 'Cow & Calf' Lighthouse'!


On the clifftop of Castle Cove, somewhere on the English coast, stands the remains of an old 'Cow and Calf' lightghouse. Both lighthouse and fog horn which for centuries had guided ships to safety on the treacherous coastline, had over recent years stood derelect until now. Known only to a few, the lighthouse was built on a series of caves and shafts used by smugglers and this seemed perfect for Walter Pickles and Ace to hide from the searching gaze of Medusa; their once trusted friend but now mortal enemy. The lighthouse, posing as an eco-friendly toy shop, is where the team of 'hopefuls' gather themselves and plan their next move.  


The rear of the postcard shows an image of 'Bell', the Timebubble Machine. The card is set up to allow you to write your own message, add an address and post...or perhaps you are adding this to your own growing collection!


Castle Cove 'Cow & Calf' Lighthouse Postcard

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