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Continue to follow the adventure with...Medusa!


Postcard front reads:


'One of the initial 5 founders of Time Travel Industries,  Petra Katrakis betrayed the team...causing the industry to collapse & countless Time Travellers doomed to become ‘G.H.O.S.T.S.’ - travellers lost in TIME. She continues to hide behind her respected deep sea recovery company ‘Sea Net’. With her own Timebubble Machine of twisted metal & tentacles she has somehow amassed a fortune & created an army with intentions to make herself Empress of the World. However, she has aged considerably from her time travelling & believes Walt is the only one that can reverse this. She is hell-bent on finding him.' 


The rear of the postcard shows an image of 'Bell', the Timebubble Machine. The card is set up to allow you to write your own message, add an address and post...or perhaps you are adding this to your own growing collection!


Medusa Postcard

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