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‘All the World's a Stage’ wrote Shakespeare, which through the internet via your phone is not far from the truth. View your phone easily with this elegant stand portraying the Globe Theatre in London.

Comes plain wood ready for you to decorate.


Please note: the stand is engraved on the outside only.

Minimum Age 5+. Contains small parts as part of this wooden construction kit. Build time: around 5mins. Width of stand is 5.8cm, height of back rest is 11cm.


HOW IT WORKS: Simply snap off the parts, sand the tabs smooth and slot the bottom on from the side. A simple elastic band springs the stand open ready. Note this stand is smaller than the other stands in the range, see photo to judge scale.


CONTENTS: Full colour assembly instructions, plywood sheet, Timebubble Toys story flyer, elastic band and glasspaper. NO GLUE REQUIRED.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Phone Stand

  • Laser cut toys may have a residual odour which, if present, will fade after a short period of time. Also note: the stand has been designed to hold your phone at a comfortable viewing angle, but Timebubble Toys Ltd. cannot take responsibility for any phone breakages as a result of using this stand.

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