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Portable V2 Theseus Thread Encapsulator


Enjoy history as you have never done before...first hand! Designed to blend in with the vast majority of time periods, this beautiful weathered leather bound portable TTE is the second model to be released by Time Travel Industries. As with the previous model, the built in fail safe feature of this device ensures that all customers can experience history without disrupting the course of the Time Space Continuum as we all know it.


How it works:

PTTEV2 comes with everything you need to immerse yourself in the world of time travel. Unlike the V1 which had to be permanently mounted into a booth, the V2 can be deployed with relative ease within a number of humanoid sized casings such as: wardrobes, beach huts, small sheds, wheelie bins, bathtubs etc. and if you must, vintage London police booths. To experience time travel in a different country, simply board a plane, ship, train with your leather case in hand without the need to transport your booth (such as was the case with the V1). On arrival, deploy the PTTEV2 into something you can climb into, attach a cylinder of Bubble Juice (we recommend FORMULA 8), enter the time and date into the console and the required volume of fuel will be displayed in fluid ounces - a check must be conducted to ensure you have enough for the return journey.


Time travel is not without risks and despite the built-in safety features should only be attempted by a responsible adult. Engaging in time travel must be on the full acceptance of the RULE OF FIVE


The compact design includes:

Full instruction manual, space for two 'Formula 8' cylinders, intake hose, primer pump, single exhaust hose, time and date controls, mayday latch switch - to signal a life-threatening emergency - attracting the attention of Time Travel Industries. Case size: 81x55x18cm. Internal luggage space above internal hinged TTE concealment panel is 80.2x54.2x4.5cm.


PTTEV2 is approved by the TTEA [Time Travel Enforcement Agency]. 


Portable V2 TTE

  • Before disembarking on any journey through time, you are legally bound to follow these five rules, using your TTE denotes acceptance of these rules:

    1. YOU MUST ensure you have packed enough fuel for the outward and return journey.

    2. YOU MUST conduct prior research before departure on the time period you are visiting and wear clothing that will allow you to blend in. Please check all historical sumptuary laws.

    3. M.O.T. certificate [Ministry Of Transport] - YOU MUST have an up-to-date MOT test carried out be a qualified/registered garage of your TTE and display the approval disc.

    4. Recognise that you are in danger of 'ethereal displacement' should you stray more than half a mile from your TTE. Note: carrying a TTI 'Mumbler Repeater' will offer you a further level of protection but should not be fully relied upon.

    5. YOU MUST NOT or enable others to, copy, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code of, decrypt, modify, or create derivative works of the TTE or any services or products sold/provided by Time Travel Industries, or any part thereof.


    40 years imprisonment and a lifelong ban of all future time travel.

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