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'Powder' is a powder monkey from the 'Golden Age of Piracy' and along with Black McCloud, the Indian Ocean pirate, was brought forward in time to aid Walter Pickles and his small band of Hopefuls. (On board ship, the name powder monkey was given to small nimble individuals (sometimes children) that would fetch kegs of gunpowder for the cannon crew. Follow The Adventure that is yet to unfurl...'The Time-travelling Adventures of Professor Walter Pickles'


SIZE: I inch (25mm) diameter badge mounted on a 6x4 inch postcard with a character description.


Collect the Time Travel Industries range!


Pin badge, printed and assembled in England. Parts manufactured in China.

Brushed steel disc, steel pin, acetate disc, HDPE back.


WARNING: Not suitable for children unde the age of three. Chocking hazard. Sharp pin.

'Powder' the orangutan badge & postcard

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