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A beautifully crafted flintlock pistol kit that works as a rubber band gun - approved by Blackbeard! Contributes to a fantastic target game for parties or can equally be used the traditional way for settling disputes between gentlemen! (Goggles recommended-see accessories section). This wooden laser-cut kit can be sculpted further and with an applied finish (such as wax) creates a real show-piece (See online video by Blackbeard on the TUTORIALS page). Minimum Age 8+.


Contains small screws and wooden pieces as part of this wooden construction kit. Build time: around 15mins. Flintlock measures 43cm in length and 2.7cm wide.


HOW IT WORKS: Simply pull back the Flintlock hammer/cock on the side of the pistol into the locked position (a reassuring click) then stretch 1 of the 5 included elastic bands from the hammer/cock to the front of the pistol, aim and fire. Additional ammunition, safety goggles and replacement internal machanism parts (adding additional good value to this kit) are available in 'Accessories'.


CONTENTS: Full colour assembly instructions, plywood sheets, pre-cut and drilled softwood body parts, elastic bands, plastic trigger guard, wood screws, cardboard barrel, dowel pegs, two self-standing plywood targets (please note these are only engraved on one side) and glasspaper.



Rubber Band Flintlock Pistol

  • Not to be used in the rain/left outside. Laser cut toys may have a residual odour which, if present, will fade after a short period of time. FOR TIPS ON HOW TO LOAD & FIRE THE FLINTLOCK VISIT BUILD DEMOS HERE & ON THE TUTORIAL PAGE!

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