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Keep cool when under pressure or on a hot day with the famous 'Spitfire' deskfan! Powered by 2 AAA batteries. Plane can be detached from the stand. Comes plain wood ready for you to decorate. Minimum Age 10+. Contains small parts as part of this wooden construction kit. Build time: around 30mins. Wing span 29cm, on the stand it is 16cm tall.


HOW IT WORKS: Insert the battery pack into the plane whilst assembling the wooden parts following the assembly instructions. Once built simply slide the switch on the battery compartment to ‘on’ to fire up that mini 'Merlin' engine which drives the fan!


CONTENTS: Full colour assembly instructions, 2xplywood sheets, assembled battery box and motor, 2xpropellers, string (radio wire) and glasspaper. PLEASE NOTE: black propeller now comes with ring guard for extra safety.



Spitfire Deskfan

  • Touching the black propeller when running can cause injury and breakage of the propeller. NOTE this improved version comes with a black propeller with additional ring guard to protect fingers!


    This kit comes with 2 propellers: Why? Well, one is a  soft blade prop which creates more gust and the other is more choose which you'd like to use!


    Laser cut toys may have a residual odour which, if present, will fade after a short period of time. Spare propellers are sold in the ‘Accessories’ section.

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