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Submarine Ball Bearing Maze Kit With Moving Parts: Join Hamster & Flea On A Refreshing Underwater Adventure!


Only problem is, the sub has two leaks...time for the two fleas (ball bearings) to earn their place in the yellow sub and plug those holes! To achieve this, they must first negotiate their way around a selection of random objects hoarded by the hamster as well as finding their way around the engine. 

This kit makes a great travel companion and comes with yellow components with a ready applied wax/oil finish. The hamster, which comes plain finish ready to decoroate/personalise, can be detached from the sub by lifting the submarine hatch. 


Age recommendation: 8+



Birchface plywood parts, holding bolts, PET plastic screen, 2 small ball bearings (3mm) and glasspaper.


Screwdriver required (either flat or cross head)


Size: 17cm tall and from the front is 20cm wide.



Not suitable for children under three years. Chocking hazard. Contains small parts (fixing bolts and small wooden components). Small risk of splinters.


Submarine Ball Bearing Maze

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