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To celebrate the 50 Year Anniversary of the moon landing, Timebubble Toys brings you the 'Command Module', as piloted by Michael Collins! The 3 astronauts returned to Earth in the Command Module after it separated from the Service Module in Earth's orbit, splashing into the Pacific Ocean after parachute deployment on July 24th 1969. 


Note: it comes in plain wood ready for you to decorate.


The clock background parts are only engraved on one side. Minimum Age 8+. Clock mechanism contains small parts: clock hands, nuts & washers. Once assembled measures around 25cm in height.


CONTENTS: plywood parts, clock mechanism, string and glasspaper. YOU WILL NEED: 1x AA battery. NO GLUE REQUIRED.

The Command Module Sky Clock

  • Laser cut toys may have a residual odour which, if present, will fade after a short period of time. Also note that the shape & colour of the hands may change from those shown in the photo. Timebubble Toys cannot take responsibility for any further scorch marks on the module which resulted from the re-entry temperatures.

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