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Train for greatness! This training target will help your tournament character to aim their lance with precision, offering two different targets: the popular swinging shield or the more challenging rings. A Table Top Game for 1+ Players.

This wooden laser-cut, timber kit is part of the larger Tournament Range. Minimum Age 8+. Contains small parts as part of this wooden construction kit. Build time: around 20mins. Target stands 15cm tall with a swinging arm measuring 19cm.


HOW IT WORKS: once assembled, use the suction cup to grip the table surface (better grip acheived with a polished surface) then prepare your jousting character to race towards it with the training lance (included).


CONTENTS: full colour assembly instructions, plywood sheet, dowel pegs, plastic stoppers, suction cup, string, spare Lancelot 4000 wheel and glasspaper.


YOU WILL NEED: a Lancelot 4000 and rider to play. NO GLUE


Training Target

  • laser cut toys may have a residual odour which, if present, will fade after a short period of time. Third photo shows 2 jousting characters & a tilt yard which are not included with the training target kit (photo included to communicate how the toys works alongside the others in the range).

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