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Continue to follow the adventure with...Walter Pickles!


Postcard front reads:


'Inventor of Bubble Juice fuel & together with Ace, co-inventor of the Theseus Thread Encapsulator (T.T.E), which makes TIME TRAVEL work ! To escape their arch enemy Medusa both are hiding as toy makers, 10 years in the PAST or rather our present! The sale of toys at least allows them to buy the ingredients they need to make MORE Bubble Juice! However, they know that Medusa will stop at nothing to find them & it is not long before their actions cause ripples that will reveal their position in TIME and SPACE.'


The rear of the postcard shows an image of 'Bell', the Timebubble Machine. The card is set up to allow you to write your own message, add an address and post...or perhaps you are adding this to your own growing collection!


Walter Pickles Postcard

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