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TIME to start some monstrous rumours near where you live. Simply slip on these Yeti feet flip-flops and wait for it to snow…or visit your nearest sandy beach to leave a trail that will baffle people and likely bring in the press.


Note: it comes in plain wood ready for you to decorate and varnish.

The feet are only engraved on one side.


Minimum Age 8+. Maximum foot size – size 7. Maximum person weight – 8 stone. Yeti feet are a staggering 30cm in length.


CONTENTS: plywood parts, double sided hook and fabric tape for adjustability.


YOU WILL NEED: adult assistance to varnish/woodstain them so that they become more water resistant (3 coats recommended). To wear them under your shoes and walk in them like they were flippers!

Accompanying monster noises are optional.


Yeti Feet

  • Timebubble Toys cannot take responsibility for any injuries caused by imitating a Yeti in these strap on soles, or for any damage caused to footwear from wearing these soles. Adult supervision recommended.


    Laser cut toys may have a residual odour which, if present, will fade after a short period of time but in the meantime may enhance the 'Yeti effect'.

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